Custom Furniture

Branch Tables

Round tops and bottoms suspended by real branches.
Each one a unique one-of-a-kind creation.

Dining Buffet Storage Unit

My clients' needed a small storage unit for their condo dining room.
They also wanted a top with some visual impact.

A simple set of cabinets from IKEA formed the base for a custom framed piece of fiddle-back maple. We selected the piece together from a local supplier of fine woods.

The top was finished with my favourite all purpose finish: Tried and True Original Wood Finish. This is a bee's wax and linseed oil finish based on a Shaker recipe from the 19th century. It is environmentally safe, low VOC (volatile organic compound), non-toxic, all natural, food safe, durable and easily maintained and produces a warm, hand rubbed looking finish that is as comfortable to the hand as to the eye.

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