Woodii iPad Tablet Stands

Beautiful hand-crafted and unique... each Woodii stand makes a perfect compliment for your hi-tech tablet. Designed to fit the iPad but will make to order to fit any other tablet.

Each Woodii is custom made to order. The grain of the wood influences the cut shapes... each one is totally unique.

Woodii Basic (above)
Features a simple but sturdy joint with a curved top back edge... could also be a live edge if requested (real bark edge). This stand has one position but the tablet can sit vertically or horizontally as required.
The basic stand shown has a bird's eye maple base with a mulberry back, the heavy bird's eye maple base provides all the stability needed to support your tablet.  These are Canadian sourced hardwoods and although mulberry may not always be available there are many interesting and equally attractive options.

Priced at 30.00.

Woodii Foldaway (above)
Features a two position stand arrangement that folds into a flat easy to transport mode. There are 3 support side rails (only 2 shown in the prototype). Small low power magnets keeps the support arm locked in the slot... and keeps the arm secured in the foldaway state.
This hinged stand is made from Padauk, a tropical hardwood from the Africa/Indian Ocean area.  This exotic hardwood has red heartwood and white sapwood for a dramatic contrast.  Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will darken the heart wood to almost black, and even indirect light will darken it over the years.

Priced at 45.00

Woodii Deluxe (above)
This is our top of the line stand that looks like a piece of sculpture. Features 3 display modes including a flatter option for easier typing.
The stand shown is made from highly figured maple, sourced from Canadian mills.  This dense, durable and attractive wood has figured grain that comes alive with changes in light.

Priced at 45.00

General Notes on finishes
All stands are finished with Tried and True Danish Oil, an all natural, non toxic and safe wood finish.  This is a beautiful and durable finish that should only need periodic buffing with a soft cloth to maintain it.  An occasional waxing with a product like Clapham's furniture polish would be recommended if the finish starts to look dry.

Information about Tried and True Wood Finishes can be found at http://www.triedandtruewoodfinish.com/.

Clapham's Furniture Polish is available from Treeware Woodworks, or Busy Bee Machine Tools and Lee Valley outlets.  This all natural, Canadian made beeswax product was the favourite wood finish of famed American wood worker James Krenov, more information is available at www.claphams.com/.