Treeware now represented in Almonte Gallery

If you are in the National Capital Region and are thinking of a great day trip... why not visit Almonte Ontario. This beautiful little town offers historical buildings, scenic attractions, great dining and eclectic shopping. On the main street (63 Mill Street) you will find General Fine Craft, Art & Design Gallery... currently showing some of my turned works. Drop by and say hello.

About General Fine Craft, Art & Design 
A new gallery exhibiting and selling the work of highly skilled, innovative makers. The bright, open space is designed to showcase functional / non-functional craft and fine art from artists mainly working in Ontario and Quebec. These are artists at mid and mature stages in their creative lives. One thing they all demonstrate is a profound and professional devotion to their art practices.

Gallery owners Chandler Swain and Richard Skrobecki are both recognized studio potters with many years of experience making and promoting their own distinctive styles of work. Their first collaboration was in 2005 with the creation of the popular 260 Fingers annual ceramic exhibition in Ottawa. They both live in Almonte, Ontario and when the perfect storefront in the centre of town became available, Chandler shared with Richard her vision for a dynamic new art gallery. After months of preparation, and with help from friends and family, General Fine Craft opened its doors in April 2013.

Beautiful falls in the center of town

General storefront on 63 Mill Street in the center of town

An eclectic collection for all tastes

Treeware furniture and other turned items on display